• PetroShale provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of  high-quality, large oil-in-place projects in the core and most economic part of the Bakken / Three Forks play in North Dakota.
  • The US Bakken is a complete petroleum system with source rock featuring multiple stacked zones accessible for development: Middle Bakken, Three Forks Benches One, Two, Three & Four, Pronghorn/Sanish and Lodgepole.
  • Acquisitions have been focused on lands and drilling opportunities in the geological ‘sweet spot’ of the Bakken oil play, including the more complex land ownership areas on the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation, with rigorous technical and financial analysis performed before any lease is acquired. PetroShale has continued to be successful in adding lands within our core area.
  • Continued evolution in completion and production technologies and increased drilling spacing provides opportunity to capture greater upside & improve economic recovery.

PetroShale’s acreage is situated in the heart of the play and within or adjacent to some of the most prolific parts of the reservoir.

Well density is key to development:

Industry continues to advance completion technologies, increase density and identify additional Three Forks benches which could significantly expand the opportunity.